Do you dare to show yourself?
The silent growth for yourself
The feeling that life can be busy
society so crazy?
People determine your choices
laptops and mobile gain the upper hand?
That feeling that you do not remember it suddenly,
your body feels tense
that feeling that you have to get out there?
Calls your whole body and soul to rest?
I understand you and invite you to my
Wellbeing program in Morocco
I have my own unique way of working with
energy, meditation, re sources, healing and much more.
I bring healing techniques together in my contemporary way.


As an energetic consultant I’m offering well being programs in Marrakesh. I have my own unique way of combining techniques

of working with energy, meditation, healing, etc. Just relaxing in a different way.


I’m using
Aura and Chakra Healing (Multiple techniques)
Scan Methods
Emotional and Creative Exspressie
Movement / Dance
The method does not replace any doctor or medical treatment but can be supportive work
Sessions per hour workshops or multi-day programs Marrakech and its surroundings


It brings





-talent and creativity

-personal growth / development



Programme Marrakesh

Basic package

1 hour balancing the energetic body

1 hour breathing


Luxury package

1 hour breathing

2 hours balancing the energetic body – singinbowls or earcandels included

1 hour energetic massage


The programms can be organised for private person or for a group.

Programma in desert 


3 days Body&Soul program with relaxation and walking  moments will bring you yourself back again.  Recommende experience in the south of Morocco.

Desert experiences  brings you back to your roots of a your spirituel being. 


Personal request

The balancing program can be meditation, bodywork or aurahealing. 
A program to your own desire like aurabalancing, morning meditation, energetic massage etc in hotel, riad or on location? Sure,  it’s possible
We’ll discuss the possibilities together, after which the prince is specified.
You can contact me on 00212 06 55 86 6841 or




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